Our Approach


At Brickmoon Design, we listen and ask key questions while collaborating with our clients to translate their vision into reality.

Contact us to get a comprehensive look at how we guide you from design to construction to completion; the full range of services we provide; how we collaborate with builders, engineers, and government entities; and the means by which we ensure that your design is realized to meet your specifications and budget.


We believe every project is a practical and artistic blend of reliable constants and unique expression.
Those constants are: comfort, creativity, collaboration and sustainability.


How your design feels is important. Projects designed by Brickmoon are functional, but inviting as well. They are created so that families, friends and visitors feel welcomed inside, every time they enter.


Design is where artistry and practicality meet. Brickmoon Design is a team of artists who think creatively in order to produce functioning realities. Each Brickmoon-designed project is a wonder‐filled piece of practical art.


We’re intent on being great listeners and accurate interpreters of your dreams and visions because we believe the best work arises from clients and designers working as a unified team.


We believe we create within the larger sphere of God’s creation. Because of that, we strive to select materials and methods that are compatible with and complementary to the natural environment. Keeping an eye toward sustainability leads us to thoughtful designs that enhance the built environment, harmonize with the natural world, and deliver reduced life cycle costs to our clients.

What makes each project unique, though, is you, your goals and your dreams. Because of this, we realize that every project, no matter how large or small, is a one‐of‐a‐kind.